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Quest: Curse of Arrav


Curse of Arrav Quest:

1. Speak to Arrav at home and read the dialogue and once prompted, accept the quest

2. Go to Ali the Wise in Shantay pass and get an empty canopic jar
2.1 Teleport to Super Buu and run north until you reach Shantay Pass

3. Go to the Apothecary and get Sacred oil
3.1 Teleport to Varrock and run South-West

4. Go to the Goblin village and pick dwellberries
4.1 Teleport to Falador and run North towards Goblin Village

5. Combine the ingredients into a full canopic jar

6. Return to Arrav to get teleported to Zemouregal's cave

7. Kill the Zombies until you receive a key to the room and fight Zemouregal

8. Return Arrav's heart and complete the quest!

Quest Rewards

Arrav Costume:

The Arrav Costume is untradeable
Arrav Costume has a 10% Drop rate bonus

Arrav Sword:

The Arrav Sword is untradeable
Arrav Sword has +21k stats and 25% Drop rate

Arrav Shield:

The Arrav Shield is untradeable
Arrav Shield has +500 stats and 15% Drop rate

Cursed Arrav Costume:

Obtained by upgrading the Arrav costume through invention
The Cursed Arrav Costume is untradeable
Cursed Arrav Costume has a 20% Drop rate bonus

Cursed Arrav Shield:

Obtained by upgrading the Arrav shield through invention
The Cursed Arrav Shield is untradeable
Cursed Arrav Shield has +1000 stats and 20% Drop rate