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Sanctum of Death

Last Edited: 03/12/2022

Sanctum of Death

To begin raiding you need to create your own party or join an existing one.
Once you’re ready, you can begin the raid by clicking on the portal.
There are two difficulties to Sanctum of Death. (Easy & Hard)
It is recommended to bring healing ammunition or food. (Soulsplit is disabled in SoD)
You also need two different attack styles.

First Boss: Midnight Ork

Protect magic against him
The boss protects melee
The boss throws an orb that follows you, you can dodge it by running away from it.

Second Boss: Hellish Bull

Protect range against him
The boss protects mage
The boss throws a 5x5 tile wide blast under you when he yells “Explode”, you can dodge it by moving away from the blast.

Third Boss: Demon Spawn

Protect magic against him
The boss protects range
The boss sends room wide flame walls at you, you can find gaps in the wall where to stand.

Final Boss: Mystic Werewolf

Protect range against him
The boss swaps between all three protection prayers.
The boss uses all the mechanics of the previous bosses randomly.


The rewards are based on damage dealt during the raid, the rewards are divided amongst every player.
Easy mode gives 125 keyshards per player.
Hard mode gives 375 keyshards per player.
The chest starts as a 1/1000 rate for an unique reward, you can sacrifice any Lucifer piece to lower that rate permanently.
Each piece sacrificed lowers your rate by 50 (3 pieces sacrificed would lower your rates to 1/850 per key), you can sacrifice a total of 10 Lucifer pieces bringing your rates to 1/500.