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Invention Guide

Last Edited: 03/08/2022

Beginning the Invention grind!

To begin with Invention there are many ways to gather PVM boxes.
The main way to gain PVM Boxes until you are Ruby Donator you can farm a multitude of NPC's
You can find them on the Monsters Teleport interface ranging from Lunite Lions, Crazy Witches and many more!

Below you will see the upgrade interface to start invention!

Making money!

Once you have begun the process of upgrading your tier 1 (Dharok,Ahrim and Karils)
Keep upgrading until you have reached the tier 4 tab of gear (Shikruu, Sorrow and Ganopurp).
Once you have all of your gear upgraded, you will start dissolving all of the gear. You will receive a massive amount of XP and Upgrade tokens at the same time!

Other Noteable Upgrades

Here are the AOE weapons that lead the way into making the Twisted Bow/Sanguinesti Staff/Scythe of Vitur

Once you have made the Elite AOE weapons, you can turn them into Tbow/Sang/Scythe as shown below!

Elite Armor

Below shows the items required to make the Elite armor