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1. Halloween Event


Spooky Bats:

Can be accessed at ::hween

Spooky Kraken:

Can be accessed using a Spooky Kraken token
Spooky Kraken tokens are dropped by every npc (1/25)

Halloween Drops:

Reaper hood (u):

Created using a Reaper hood upgrade (Obtainable from the Donator store)
Increases the stats and drop rate of the hood

Exclusive Halloween set:

Only obtainable from the Donator store for a limited time


The Vote boss' hitpoints has been reduced
Reduced price of the collector's necklace/ring in the voting shop to 275 points
CTRL + T now opens the correct interface
Fixed discord rich presence bot name
Added ::perks // ::serverperks command
Zamasu, Golden Ooazu, Optimus Prime now all have a chance to drop $1/$5 bonds
The x2 npc kills server perk now works correctly
Examining price for items is now working
Fixed the rewards for the Angel achievement
Corrupt moonlight set can now be dissolved
The vote boss will now announce on broadcast when it spawns
All mass bosses will now announce on broadcast when they spawn
The ironman boss' hitpoints has been reduced
Changed the Raids 1 chest check rewards option to the second click