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10. Christmas Event, Costumes Slot



Can be accessed at ::xmas
Additional zones for more spawns such as ::xmas2-5
There are three different types of Snowmen: Warrior, Ranger, Mage
Each version drops their own pet
A cap of 50k kills and you will receive a Christmas box when complete
After the cap, you can continue to kill snowmen but will only receive:
Snowballs, Santa hat, Snowman pets

Evil Santa Clause:

Global boss that spawns every hour at ::xmas
Drops Santa Pet and Evil Santa Attachement

Santa Gifting:

Every hour a random player will be chosen and gifted a Christmas box
Players at ::Afk will be exempt from being chosen

Christmas Box:

Can be obtained by combining 100 snowballs
Dropped by Evil santa claus
In Online Donator store for $5

Snowmen pets:

Each Snowman provides 60% Drop rate boost and 10% Damage boost
All three snowman pets can be combined to create a Santa pet

Santa Pet:

Created by combining all Snowmen pets
Also dropped by the Evil Santa Claus
Provides 70% Drop rate boost and 20% Damage boost

Evil Santa Pet:

Created with a Santa pet and Evil Santa Attachment
Provides 75% Drop rate boost and 35% Damage boost
The Evil Santa Pet is now the BIS Pet

Costumes slot:

Added an icon for the Aura Slot
Added a Costume slot for costume overrides

Grinch Costume:

Created by combining all The Grinch peices
The Grinch Costume provides a drop rate boost of 10%

Elf Costume:

Created by combining all Elf peices
The Elf Costume provides a drop rate boost of 10%

Evil Santa Costume:

Created by combining an Elf Costume, Grinch Costume, and Evil Santa Attachment
The Evil Santa Costume provides a drop rate boost of 25%

Evil Santa Hat:

Created by combining a Santa hat and an Evil Santa attachment
+1500 in all stats and 25% drop rate boost

Dan's Mask Add-on:

Only accessible for players who have Dan's mask
Usable on Dan's mask to provide it with 40% DR and 40% DDR

Lucifer Changes:

Reduced the requirements for Mini lucifers
Changed the Enraged cape req to Rage cape
Reduced the Lucifer kc requirement to 5k instead of 10k
Reduced the drop rate of Lucifer attachment to 1/5k
Lowered the amount of Lucifer attachments needed to create Lucifer armour

Owner Cape Upgrade:

Owner Cape can now be created with Lucifer wings and 50m Upgrade tokens at a 25% chance


Decreased the amount of $1 scrolls from Lucifer
Increased Bank tab capacity to 500
1 hour boost scrolls are now stackable
Removed spirit shield debug messages
Removed prayer drain from spirit shields
Prayer no longer deplets with Owner cape (u)
Raids 2 box will now be sent to your bank if you have no inv space
Reduced Mega avatar kc requirement to 250k
Lowered drop rates of items from Mega avatar
Your Raids 2 party will no longer be destroyed after completion
Fixed the animations of some of the npcs in Raids 2