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12. Lunite Guardian, High-Tier Exchange


High-Tier Exchange:

The items listed in the shop can be sold for half the price
The shop can be accessed by trading the npc west of the Global token shop
The High-tier tickets are untradeable

Redone mystery box interface:

Reworked the interface design for Mystery boxes

Lucifer Armour Replaced:

Lucifer Armour models have been replaced due to glitching issues

Lunite Guardian:

A new global boss accessible by all players
The Lunite Guardian will be spawned once 100 High-tier tickets have been sacrified
Half of the value of the item you sell to high-tier exchange will be sacrificed to the Lunite Guardian
Players can also manually sacrifice high-tier tickets

Lunite Armour:

Lunite Armour has the same stats as Lucifer armour with higher Drop rate

Lunite Costume:

Lunite costume is the BIS costume with 35% drop rate and 10% maxhit boost

Dark Supreme Drop Changes:

Changed the rate of Dark attachments to 1/6000
Increased the chance of boxes and upgrade token boxes


Fixed Super buu body name typo
Reduced the server delay when using bank
Fixed an issue that caused the server to disconnect
Reduced the lag when backing up player files
Optimized the effeciency of the server delay
Removed t4 gear announcing from Grand boxes
Increased chance to create Donator aura to 30%
$1 Scrolls no longer announce from Grand boxes
Inserted commas to the price of items in the POS
Decreased minor lag when upgrading all of an item
Increased Zamasu, prime, and oozau hitpoints
Added an open-all option for Upgrade token boxes
Fixed the wear model for Predator legs
Corrected the size of right click menu options
Added 25k and 100k upgrade token to the pvm ticket store
Added more Infernal demon spawns
Every 10 task streak you will receive an additional 10 boss slayer tickets
Every 5 task streak you will receive an additional 5 boss slayer tickets
Condensed upgrade-all items that announce into one message