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13. Season 3, Voting Minigame


New Season pass rewards:

Ice Nihils:

New monster accessible once you have completed the gold season pass
Took the place of Nechryeals

Christmas Event Ended:

::xmas command no longers works
The Christmas items will stay in the upgrade interface until next update

Voting minigame:

This minigame can only be done once a day
The minigame can only be done if you have voted in that day
When you spawn in the minigame you must mine the Patronum ore
Then you must make a Patronum bar with 10 ores
After you made the blade with 3 bars a Mutated hound will spawn
Once the hound is killed you will receive your loot

Instance Changes:

Improved the Instance manager interface
Replaced the Instancing area map
Fixed the size of the npcs on the interface
Added an ability to select 3x3 grid or 4x4 grid
The room size now gets scaled depending on npc size
Instance tokens will now spawn 60 monsters total
Instance tokens (u) will now spawn 120 monsters total
The Instance manager interface will now remember your last opened instance
Adjusted the tile size of various npcs so they fit in the instance correctly
Instances below groudon are cheaper than normal for easier early progression

Divine's Mask:

A double damage mask that is only obtainable from the Donator store
The mask will only be available from January 1st to January 4th
After the Mask leaves the store it will become discontinued and never brought back

Corrected Menu options:

Fixed the length of menu options when right clicking on players name
Included before and after picture below


Removed the texture from lucien crypt npc
Increased the drop chance of Supreme attachments from Fenrir
Lunite guardian will now spawn again if the total tickets sacrificed is over 200
Increased the fill price for server perks
Opening boxes one by one will now add the items correctly
Donation deal amounts above 1 will now appear correctly