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14. Sanctum of Death, Collection Logs


Sanctum of Death:

A new raids accessible from the minigames tab in the teleport interface
You can create a party with a maximum size of 5
The raid includes 4 boss rooms with different bosses
The Sanctum of Death has a Easy mode and a Hard mode
Players cannot use soulsplit in the Sanctum of Death

Sanctum Bosses:

The first three bosses have different special attacks
The last boss has the special attacks of all three previous bosses
There is a 50k damage cap on the bosses in the Sanctum of Death
The Mystic werewolf also switches prayers every couple attacks
The bosses hitpoints will scale depending on the party size

Sanctum Key Shards:

When completing a Sanctum of Death raid you will receive Sanctum Key Shards
There is a set amount of Sanctum Key Shards to receive per raid
If you are solo you receive all the shards
While in a group raid, you receive shards based on the amount of damage dealt
Easy mode grants 100 shards + (75 per additional player)
Hard mode grants 300 shards + (225 per additional player)

Sanctum Keys:

Sanctum keys can be created by combining 100 Sanctum Key Shards

Sanctum Rewards:

The Sanctum chest can be located in the Sanctum of Death lobby
The base drop rate for the rare drop table is 1/1000
The drop rate for rares can be improved by sacrificing Lucifer pieces
The best possible drop rate from sacrificing is 1/500
Each Lucifer piece you sacrifice improves the drop chance by 1/50

Mystic Armour:

New BIS Melee armour with 25% Drop rate a piece
Provides +7500 in Melee stats

Hellish Armour:

New BIS Range armour with 25% Drop rate a piece
Provides +7500 in Range stats

Midnight Armour:

New BIS Magic armour with 25% Drop rate a piece
Provides +7500 in Magic stats

Collection Logs:

The collection log can be opened from the player panel, ::collection, or CTRL + C
The collection log now tracks the monsters, zones, bosses, minigames, and boxes listed
The total collection logs completed appear on the top left

Include DR Bonus feature:

You can now see the chance taking your current drop rate bonus into effect


Projectiles will now begin from the middle of an npc
Fixed an issue with season pass rewards
The Mutated hound no longer respawns after killing
Herbal rogue now shows the correct drops in the teleport interface
OP chest drops now includes archie legs
Raids 2 will now tell you who has a pet spawned when trying to start
Raids 2 will now give 25 Rocktails instead of 50
Raids 2 will no longer add Super restores to your inventory
Lunite shield now has the Divine ss effect
Creeper helm will no longer bounce back and forth
T4 melee helm now shows the players head correctly
Reduced the frequency of instance messages
Fixed the Mutated hound animations
Increased the hitpoints for the Iron global boss
Slightly increased the hitpoints for Zamasu, prime, and oozau
Increased the hitpoints for Onyx panther and Zenyte
Increased the hitpoints for the Iron global boss
Increased the hitpoints for Goku
Corrected the year in the afk checker question
Greatly reduced the delay from upgrading
The Donator store now shows the correct Drop rate for Raichu pet
Increased the scroll max of the
The tab you were on last will now be saved when re-opening the upgrade interface
When selecting a tab you can't access in the upgrade interface, the tabs on top will rever to the one you are on
The item you have selected in the upgrade interface will stay in the interface when leaving
Vote boss hitpoints has been increased
Reduced the chance of Elite dragon deactivating your prayer
Elite Dragon will no longer remove your weapon
You can now use bonds on Group ironman players