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16. Season 4, Card Packs


New Season pass rewards:


New monster accessible once you have completed the gold season pass
Same drops as Ice Nihils had
Capped at 100k kills

Dark Prysm:

Can be accessed after killing getting 50k Prysm killcount
Drops Prysm Gloves and Boots

Prysm Gloves and Boots:

Only obtainable from Dark Prysm
+2500 stats with 35% Drop rate
The gloves and boots are untradeable

Supreme Costume:

Can be created by upgrading 10 Supreme attachments at a 10% success rate
Provides a x1.5 dmg boost against Supreme boss

Dark Supreme Costume:

Can be created by combining 5 Dark attachments and Supreme Costume at a 50% success rate
Provides a x1.5 dmg boost against Dark Supremes

Sanctum Crystals:

Obtained from the Sanctum of Death chest
1,000 Sanctum crystals can be used on Sanctum armour to upgrade it.

Sanctum armour (u):

New BIS Armour with +10k stats and +30% Drop rate per piece

Teleport Interface Changes:

Redesigned the interface
Players here feature now works correctly
Added a globals tab
Added Eternal dragon to boss teleports
Removed Events minigame teleport
Removed Penguin minigame teleport

Card Packs:

Available in the Online Donator Store

Attachment changes:

Lucifer attachments are now untradeable
Renamed blood shard to Blood attachment
Changed the model for Blood attachment
Added Dark and Blood shard drops at 1/4k
Light, Dark, and Blood attachments are now untradeable
Light, Dark, and Blood attachments can be disassembled for their shards

Crest buffs:

Light: +5000 stats and 10% DR
Dark: +6500 stats and 15% DR
Blood: +8000 stats and 20% DR

Pvm ticket shop selling:

Items that are in the pvm ticket store can now be sold to pvm ticket store for half the value
The goku pet cannot be sold to the pvm ticket store
The goku pet cannot be sold to the pvm ticket store

Changed aura models:

The Donator and SS Aura models have been replaced

Heart of the Gods:

Can be created by combining all other hearts
Provides a x1.4 Dmg boost against your slayer task
Can be activated for 10 minutes with a 5 minute cooldown

Player Owned Store changes:

A small pos tax has been added when claiming earnings
Part of the pos tax will be put into a random server perk
Fixed the Buy-10 option in the Player owned store
Fixed the Withdraw-10 option in the Player owned store
Replaced Set-price option in pos with Withdraw-all
Added a Store-x option to the pos when storing items
Added a buy-all option to the pos


Bonds are now stackable
Added a claim-all option to all the bonds
Increased the amount of loyalty points received
Removed loyalty titles option from the Loyalty store npc
The amount of upgrade tokens in your inventory will now be stated when examining them
Added a ::dismiss command to dismiss pet
Fixed the examine price of items that had a negative value
Resizeable mode no longer has a transparent chat box
Removed vote crate from Crystal keys loot
Fixed a typo when activating Heart of the Sorcerer
Weekends now provide a x3 xp boost instead of x2
The Goku kc pet will now increase achievements with npc kills by 2
Added an open-all option to the Treasure hunter chest
Noted items can now be sold to the Bill exchange shop
Removed one of the duplicate Healers at home
Moved the vote manager one tile to the right
Removed personal custom items from appearing in the item stats list
Increased the amount of Sanctum key shards received in general
Increased Sanctum key shards received while in a group
Centered the fire wall graphic from Sanctum of Death
Increased the amount of Upgrade token packs from Sanctum of death
Added a Bronze card pack to the Rare Sanctum of Death loot
Removed $5 bond announcing from Grand mystery boxes