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19. Season 5, New Perks System


New Season pass rewards:

Mutated Sharks:

New monster accessible once you have completed the gold season pass
Same drops as Prysms had
Capped at 100k kills
Rewarded a Shark costume after receiving 100k killcount

Shadow Sharks:

Can be accessed after killing getting 50k Mutated Sharks killcount
Drops Shark Necklace and Shadow Shark Costume

Shark Necklace:

Obtained as a rare drop from Shadow Sharks
2nd BIS amulet with a %45 Drop Rate boost
The Shark Necklace is untradeable

Shark Costume:

Provides a 10% Drop Rate boost
Obtained after receiving 100k Mutated Shark killcount
The Shark Costume is untradeable

Shadow Shark Costume:

Provides a 30% Drop Rate boost and 5% Damage boost
Obtained as a rare drop from Shadow Sharks
The Shadow Shark Costume is untradeable

Valentines Day Event Ended:

The Valentines Boss will no longer spawn
Valentines gifts will no longer be gifted
Rose petals can no longer be purchased from the PVM Store
Rose petals are no longer obtainable but will remain tradeable
The Rose Petals will still open the Valentines interface
Added a dissolve option to Rose petals for 1500 Pvm tickets each

New Server Perks System:

The Server perks will now activate in order
Each perk will have a different cost to activate
There is a one hour cooldown after a perk has finished

The perk order and cost:
x1.5 DR boost - 60M
x2 EXP Boost - 30M
x2 Drops - 90M
x2 PC Points - 50M
x1.5 Slayer Points - 60M
x2 Raids Loot - 90M

Expanded Lunite Guardian Map:

Increased the size of the Lunite Guardian map to prevent clipping issues

Void Stat Buff:

Void gloves now have +1000 stats
Regular void armour now has +1000 stats for the top and bottom
Elite void armour now has +1500 stats for the top and bottom

Youtube Interface:

Can be accessed by ::yt
Shows the most recent videos of Lunite content

Double Drop Rate changes:

x2 Drop chance is now based off of your normal Drop rate bonus
::dr command now shows the chance for a drop to get doubled

Items No Longer Announced:

Predator Armour
Lava Ring
Joker Armour
Scarlet Armour
Crystalized Armour
Supreme Attachments


Added Gemstone dragons to the Collection logs (Doesn't include previous drops)
Added Pest control store to the collection logs
Cleared the Mega Avatar room
Added more Mega Avatar spawns
Pest control runs now give 2 season pass xp
Wearing a full sanctum set will now provide a 7.5% damage boost
Wearing a full sanctum (u) set will now provide a 15% damage boost
Fixed banking issues while in resizable mode
Vote boss, Hanto and Lunite guardian will no longer walk