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23. Season 7, Tanzanite Rank, Weekly Raffles


New Season Pass Rewards:


New monster accessible once you have completed the gold season pass
Can be instanced using an Instance token

Jinx Pet:

Pet obtained from Jinx that provides 65% Drop rate boost

Jinx Gloves:

Only obtainable from completing the Jinx collection log
Provides +2500 stats and 40% drop rate

Home Map Changes:

Weekly Raffles:

Every 7 days winners for Server perks, Voting, and Donation raffles will be picked
The Raffle interface can be opened from home or ::raffle

Server Perks Raffle:

You can obtain entries to this raffle by donating to server-wide perks

Voting Raffle:

You can obtain entries to this raffle by voting

Donation Raffle:

You can obtain entries to this raffle by claiming a donation

Tanzanite Rank:

Donator Rank requiring $10k claimed
100% Drop Rate boost
70% Damage boost
50% bonus skilling exp
20 Pest control points per game
Access to the Tanzanite Zone
Access to the Tanzanite Global Boss
15% Chance of double Isle of the Gods loot

Tanzanite Zone:

Can be accessed by Tanzanite donators by typing ::tanz or ::tanzanite
The Tanzanite zone has the Tanzanite global boss and Tanzanite afk stalls
The Tanzanite zone has spawns of Mega avatar, Infernal demon, and Vasa nistirio

Tanzanite Afk Stalls:

Afk stalls only accessible by Tanzanite Donators

Tanzanite Global:

A new global boss only for Tanzanite Donators
The Tanzanite Global spawns every 4 hours

Tanzanite Armour:

Tanzanite armour has the same stats as Hanto armour
Tanzanite armour can only be obtained from the Tanzanite global
Tanzanite armour is tradeable but can only be equipped by Tanzanite donators

Armour Set Damage Boosts:

Certain sets now provide an overall damage boost
The boost only works when the helm, body, and legs are equipped
Lucifer - 1.05x
SOD Armour - 1.10x
Lunite Armour - 1.10x
SOD (u) Armour - 1.15x
Hanto Armour - 1.15x
Tanzanite Armour - 1.15x

Isle of the Gods Drop Rate:

You can now build up your Isle of the Gods drop rate to get better chances at loot
Completing an Easy Isle increased your drop rate by 0.25%
Completing an Medium Isle increased your drop rate by 0.5%
Completing an Hard Isle increased your drop rate by 1.0%
Dying in a Isle causes your drop rate to reset to 0%
Withdrawing any item from your coffer causes your drop rate to reset to 0%
There is a cap of 100% Isle of the Gods Drop rate


Increased Object view distance
Removed coins from the starter items
Removed scratch card from Crystal key loot
Easter dyes can now be disassembled for 40 Easter eggs
Bunny mask can now be disassembled for 40 Easter eggs
Rounded overall damage modifier correctly in the equipment tab
Fixed a typo when teleporting to Isle of the gods
Super mystery box can now be dissolved for 100 Upgrade tokens
Added a teleport option to Sanctum keys
::chill has been moved to North home
Removed the old magic altars from home
Removed the general store from home
Fixed a dcing issue from banking in resizeable mode
Fixed the Gemstone dragons animations