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25. Season 8, Starter Tasks, Angelic/Divine Cases, Voting Streak


New Season pass rewards:

Battle demons:

New monster accessible once you have completed the gold season pass
Capped at 100k kills

K'ril Tsutsaroth:

Can be accessed after getting 50k Battle demon killcount
Drops K'ril Necklace and Battlegear Costume

K'ril Necklace:

Obtained as a rare drop from K'ril Tsutsaroth
Amulet with +2500 stats and %45 Drop Rate boost
The K'ril Necklace is untradeable

Battlegear Costume:

Provides a 20% Drop Rate boost
Obtained as a rare drop from K'ril Tsutsaroth
The Battlegear Costume is untradeable

Godcrusher Costume:

Provides a 30% Drop Rate boost and 5% Damage boost
The Godcrusher Costume is untradeable
Created by combining Battlegear costume and 50m upgrade tokens

Spring Boxes Discontinued:

Spring boxes can no longer be obtained
A new seasonal box will be introduced on July 1st

Execution cape:

Provides +2500 stats and 15% Drop Rate boost
Can be created by upgrading a Creeper cape through invention
Has the same prayer effect as Creeper cape
Meant to fill the gap between Creeper cape and Rage cape

Vote Streak rewards:

A vote streak system that rewards you for voting consistently
Can be accessed from ::daily or ::streak
Failing to vote on the current day your interface is on will reset it to day one
After receiving the reward from day 30, you will be reset back to day one

Starter Tasks:

New starter task system accessed by the Starter book or ::starter
The Starter tasks can only be completed once and provide rewards
Every task grants a Crystal seed which results in 10 total

Crystal box:

Can be created by combining 10 Crystal seeds together
Provides Crystal weapons and equipment when opened
Untradeable and can only be obtained once

Crystal weapons:

Obtained from the Crystal box
Crystal weapons are untradeable
Crystal weapons have the same stats as Elite weapons (AOE)

Crystal shield

Obtained from the Crystal box
Crystal shield is untradeable
Crystal shield provides +500 stats and 10% Drop rate boost

Crystal armour:

Obtained from the Crystal box
Crystal armour is untradeable
Crystal helm, body, and legs provide +1000 stats and 10% Drop rate boost
Crystal boots and gloves provide +500 stats and 10% Drop rate boost

Case keys:

Case keys are used to open Angelic and Divine cases
Case keys can be accessed from the online store and ingame donator store


Cases can be obtained through various methods ingame
Cases can be dissolved for 50k Upgrade tokens each
Methods to obtain and chances:
Claiming votes - 1/2 per vote site
Daily task - 1/3 per task
Sanctum - 1/5 per run
Pest control - 1/5 per run
Island raids - 1/10 per run
Isle of the Gods - 1/5 per kill
500 npc kills - 1/3
Easy slayer task - 1/25
Medium slayer task - 1/20
Hard slayer task - 1/15
Boss slayer task - 1/10

Angelic Case:

Requires a Case Key to open
Can be dissolved for 50k upgrade tokens
Rare drop: Angelic Dust
Angelic Dust is used to create an Angelic potion

Angelic Potion:

Created by combining Angelic dust, Owner potion, and 250m Upgrade tokens
Angelic potion is untradeable
Angelic potion is infinite when you drink it
Provides a 133% increase towards your combat stats

Divine Case:

Requires a Case Key to open
Can be dissolved for 50k upgrade tokens
Rare drop: Divine charge
Divine charge is used to create a x1.75 Divine scroll

x1.75 Divine scroll:

Created by combining Divine charge, x1.5 DMG and x1.5 DR booster, and 250m Upgrade tokens
x1.75 Divine scroll is untradeable
Provides a x1.75 DR and DMG boost whilst in inventory
Does not stack with x1.5 DMG and x1.5 DR boosters


Fixed an issue where ctrl+D shows the incorrect amount for noted barrows items
Easter items have been removed from the Upgrade interface
Easter command has been removed
Launch casket, Fortune chest, and Golden scratch cards have been removed from the donator store
Fixed the naming of Celestial cape
Fixed the weapon interface appearing wrong for Elite staff (aoe)
::train command now takes you directly to the Starter progression zone
Rammernaut flakes are now a 1/250 drop for 1-3
Removed 1m tickets from Crystal key loot
Buffed isle of the gods costume drop rate boost to 60%
Zenyte shield drop will now be announced
Removed Armoured Bunny message from ::globals command
Added Celestial portal timer to ::globals command
Added multi accounts restriction to some globals
Your KC is now announced when completing a Collection log
Reduced the frequency of Boss points message when killing bosses
Fixed the teleport location of Prayer skill teleport