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26. Gold Grinder, Curse of Arrav, Item Exchange


Gold Grinder

Gold grinder is a new money making minigame
Gold grinder is a wave minigame that gets more difficult the higher you go
The only reward from Gold grinder is Upgrade tokens, depending on what wave you reached.
There are no requirements to access Gold grinder
There are three different types of tasks during the minigame:
Killing monsters, mining ores, chopping logs
The waves are set up in a pattern of two monster waves then one skilling wave
After one cycle of the pattern, the next time the monster wave appears, there will be an additional monster compared to last time
Every three rounds, the tokens received per round increases
The monsters in Gold grinder have protection prayers and use different attack styles
The monsters also have high accuracy when attacking

Items Exchange:

The items exchange can be located at home
Players can only sell items to this store

Curse of Arrav Quest:

Curse of Arrav is the first quest introduced to Lunite
The Curse of Arrav is an intermediate quest and isnt difficult to complete
The only requirements to start the quest is to complete the starter tasks and 99 slayer
The quest can be started by speaking to Arrav at home

Curse of Arrav Tutorial:

1. Speak to Arrav at home and read the dialogue and once prompted, accept the quest

2. Go to Ali the Wise in Shantay pass and get an empty canopic jar

3. Go to the Apothecary and get Sacred oil

3. Go to the Goblin village and pick dwellberries

4. Combine the ingredients into a full canopic jar

5. Return to Arrav to get teleported to Zemouregal's cave

6. Kill the Zombies until you receive a key to the room and fight Zemouregal

7. Return Arrav's heart and complete the quest!

Arrav Costume:

Obtained from the Curse of Arrav quest
The Arrav Costume is untradeable
Arrav Costume has a 10% Drop rate bonus

Arrav Sword:

Obtained from the Curse of Arrav quest
The Arrav Sword is untradeable
Arrav Sword has +21k stats and 25% Drop rate

Arrav Shield:

Obtained from the Curse of Arrav quest
The Arrav Shield is untradeable
Arrav Shield has +500 stats and 15% Drop rate

Cursed Arrav Costume:

Obtained by upgrading the Arrav costume through invention
The Cursed Arrav Costume is untradeable
Cursed Arrav Costume has a 20% Drop rate bonus

Cursed Arrav Shield:

Obtained by upgrading the Arrav shield through invention
The Cursed Arrav Shield is untradeable
Cursed Arrav Shield has +1000 stats and 20% Drop rate

1k Tokens

1k Tokens can be obtained by exchanging Upgrade tokens
Can be used to convert upgrade tokens when nearing max cash

Case Loot Improved

Angelic and Divine cases common and uncommon loot amounts have been increased

Money Case

The Money case can be obtained the same method as Angelic or Divine
The Money case doesn't have any very rare items but common loot is more profitable than other cases


Removed the Crypto minigame from the teleports interface
Renamed old Lunite gloves and boots to shadow
The POS can no longer be opened in jail
Removed an object debug message that appeared in chat
Rammernauts can now be attacked with a rammernaut scroll without needing a task
Rammernauts can now be attacked while on task without needing a Rammernaut scroll
Renamed Dragon rider from Celestial zone to Sacrificial
Added Angelic and Divine cases to Travelling merchant rotational items
Added Angelic and Divine cases to Collection log (Doesn't include data prior to update)
Master Treasure Hunter keys are no longer tradeable
Added a heal cap per tick to soulsplit of 300 hp
The Crystal shield now has the Divine special effect
You can no longer get a slayer task if your duo partner doesn't have the requirements