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3. Season 1, Onyx Caskets


Season Pass:

Can be accessed by typing ::seasonpass or CTRL+S
50 Total tiers with loot granted in each tiers
Silver pass is free for all players
Golden pass can be purchased from the donator store
10 experience per tier to level up
The season pass will reset every month and grant new rewards
Ways to obtain Season Pass EXP:
Claiming vote scrolls - 3xp
Every 500 npc kills - 1xp
1hr playtime - 1xp
Completing a slayer task - 1xp
Completing a boss slayer task - 2xp
Completing a Daily achievement - 2xp
Receiving level 120 non-combat skill - 3xp

Cerulean Armour:

Can only be obtained from the Season Pass
Each peice provides a 10% drop rate boost
Has a set bonus of +10% drop rate boost when wearing the whole set

Ended Halloween Event:

Spooky Kraken tokens can now be claimed for Upgrade tokens

Buffed Silver, Ruby, Diamond Chests:

Increased the rate for better loot and increased the amount of OP chests

Onyx Caskets:


Fixed a typo on the upgrade interface Reworded the skill grinder achievement Spooky Kraken tokens will now be converted into Upgrade tokens when claiming Collector necklace now has a drop rate bonus of 10% Collector ring now has a drop rate bonus of 10% Purifier armour set can now be dissolved Barrows sets can now be dissolved Golden Scratch cards have been buffed Added ::xptoggle command to toggle xp lock