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4. Global Boss Buffs


Global Boss Buffs:

The Global bosses in the player panel now give Global boss tokens
Vote boss gives 2 global boss tokens
Zamasu will now spawn every four hours
Oozau will now spawn every two hours
Prime will now spawn every hour
Removed unnecessary drops from most global bosses
All drops are now visible in the global bosses' drop table

Global Token Shop:

Accessible by trading the Global Boss store at home
Uses Global Boss Tokens as currency
Global Boss tokens are not tradeable

Raids [2] Box changes:

Now received after every Raids 2 run

Loyalty Store Rework:

Player panel changes:

Removed Evil tree, crashed star, and wildywyrm timers
Removed forums button
Removed useless points like commendations, barrows points, and pk points
Moved the slayer section above the points
Condensed some of the events to one line instead of two

Instance Tokens (u):

Required 90 Invention to create
Costs 2500 tokens at a 25% success rate
Increases amount of npc spawns to 150

Invention Lamp Creation:

Required 90 Invention to create
Costs 10k tokens at a 20% success rate


Added the killcount number when a drop is announced
You can now dissolve coffin of the demand & potion of flight for 15k upgrade tokens each
Added more hitpoints to vote global boss
Fixed the teleports in the Slayer Ring/Infinity Slayer ring that used to teleport you to wrong locations
You can now dissolveall noted dragon items
SS Aura now has a drop rate bonus of 5%
Removed value column on drop table interface
Removed useless token drops on Vasa and replaced with boxes
The npc drop table interface now shows min and max amounts for drops
Personal kc milestones every 500 kills
Added Infinite ovl to the pvm ticket shop
Shortened the 30min scroll names
Point stores now show the amount of points you have on the interface
Spawned more Vasa's in their location
Added Ctrl + g to open gim bank for Group ironman players that have ::bank
All npcs that have over 300k hp will now give boss points
Increased the amount of ckey drops from ezone skeletons
Removed announcements from Perfect cell, Frieze, Super buu, and Ezone skeletons
Removed un-needed shops at home and spread out the store npcs
Fixed a typo when starting a raids 2 party
::bank is now longer working when in jail
The kill tracker will now count global bosses correctly
Changed the wording of the upgrade message when broadcasting
Added CTRL+D command to dissolve all