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5. Blood Odin, Fenrir


Blood Odin:

Requirement: 10k Dark Supreme kills
Drops Blood shards which are used to create Blood weapons

Blood Odin Pet:

New BIS pet in-game

Blood weapons:

Created by advanced invention
Created using Blood shard received from Blood Odin
You wont lose the dark weapon if you fail an upgrade
New BIS weapons


New zone accessible by Ctrl+z or ::fenrir
Requires 25k Groudon kills to access

Upgrade interface changes:

Redesigned the advanced invention interface
Added all high level upgradeables to the interface
Increased the chance of creating Dark weapons
Increased the chance of creating Lucifer pet

New Npc Zones Interface:

Boss slayer shop changes:


added ::ibank for ultimate ironman to access items that have been sent to a bank
The teleport interface now shows the max amount of a drop instead of a random amount
Made treasure hunter pets slight more common
Slightly changed the colors of the raids 2 weapons
Changed the announcement message for advanced invention
Opening all on boxes for ultimate ironman takes the items to ::ibank
Opening all on barrows sets for ultimate ironman takes the items to ::ibank
Buffed the drop table for Nistirio
Buffed the drop table for Mega Avatar
Reduced the max hit of zeus, satan and hercles
Reduced Vasa npc requirement
Lowered the max hit of Mega Avatar
Fixed an issue with instance stacking monsters
Decreased the chance of Mega avatar deactivating your prayer
Fixed the administrator username above heads
Fixed an issue with voting boosts timers not decreasing