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6. Thanksgiving Event



Can be accessed at ::turkey
Additional zones for more spawns such as ::turkey2-5
A cap of 20k kills and you will receive a Thanksgiving box when complete

Thanksgiving Turkey:

Global boss that spawns every hour at ::turkey

Hidden Turkeys:

A hidden turkey spawns every hour in a random city.
Possible Locations: Varrock, Falador, Ardougne, Yanille, Lumbridge, and Camelot
The first person to find the Hidden turkey will receive the following:
$1 scroll, x20 Turkey feathers, x2 Vote scrolls

Thanksgiving box:

Turkey feathers are not tradeable but Thanksgiving boxes are tradeable
x100 Turkey feathers can be used to create a Thanksgiving box
Thanksgiving box can also be obtained in the Online Donator store

Thanksgiving items:

Only obtainable through Thanksgiving boxes
All except amulet provide +20% Drop rate and +1250 in all stats
Turkey amulet is the BIS amulet with +1250 in all stats and +35% drop rate

Mutated Turkey Pets:

Regular turkey pets provides 60% drop rate boost and 10% Damage boost
Mutated turkey pets provide 70% drop rate boost and 20% Damage boost
The Turkey pet can be mutated using a Turkey Pet Mutation
The Turkey Pet mutation can be obtained from a Thanksgiving box or the online donation store

Light attachement creation:

A light shard is dropped from Vasa at a rate of 1/4000
The light shard can be used to upgrade into a Light attachement


Added a damage cap of 2% of all global bosses default hitpoints
Fixed a typo when failing a lvl 120 invention item
Fixed the overhead username for Zenyte donators
Raichu now gives the correct Damage boost
Fixed the inventory model for the pets
Opening a Fortune chest will no longer crash your client
Fixed the wording when a player purchases items from your POS
Lucifer wings now provide unlimited prayer
Slightly reduced the drop rate boost of coll neck and ring 2 and 3
Reduced the drop rate of Infernal ring
Buffed the stats of Donator aura
Buffed the stats of Owner's aura
Buffed the stats of Tier 4-6 auras
Made the Treasure hunter drops easier to get
Changed the inventory model of Upgrade tokens
Change the appearance of drop messages from boxes