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9. Owner Potion, Zenyte Casket


Owner cape Exchange:

Ability to convert an Owner cape into x2 Owner Jewelry goodiebags
Upgrade Success Rate of 100%


Automatically Dissolves all drops that can be dissolved
Requires collectors necklace, ring, and 1m Upgrade tokens
Upgrade Success Rate of 35%

Owner Potion:

Boosts all combat stats to 240
Requires Owner cape, Infinite Rage potion, 100m Upgrade tokens
Upgrade Success Rate of 100%

Fixed Slayer Dungeons:

The slayer dungeons have been opened up to prevent clipping issues

Vote Boss Changes:

The droprates of drops from the Vote boss have been lowered
If you voted in the last 12 hours you will get x2 drops
The model of the pet has been changed to match the Vote boss
You can only have one account at Vote boss now

Zenyte Casket:

Available in the Online Donator Store for $75
Available in the In-game Donator points store for 250 points

Donator Store Changes:

Reduced the price of various items
Added Aoe weapons to the Donator Store


Increased the healing effect of Soulsplit
Owner jewelry now acts as a collectors necklace
Lowered Frieza, Perfect cell, Super buu hitpoints
Prestiging slayer will now reset your slayer task and master
Turkey pet mutation is now tradeable
Damage and Dr scrolls (30min) are now stackable
Removed some of the messages whilst attacking Vasa
You now receive 2 Season pass experience when completing a raid
Elite dragons now drop 10 elite dragonbones
Added more Mini Lucifer spawns
Lowered the cap damage dealt to global bosses
You can now upgrade ammo by using upgrade tokens on them
Renamed $10 Launch casket to launch casket
Added a makeover mage to home
Changed the texture of infinite rage potion
Increased the Cost of filling Double drops perk to 27.5m
Added a Double Drop Rate bonus to Blood weapons
Added a special attack to Blood twisted bow